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London, Wales, Scrivener

(Yes, I have read the new Harry Potter book, and I blathered about it here for those who are interested.)

So I just got back from London. Went there for my UK book launch, ostensibly, and also to buy an inhuman amount of books and have them shipped home at a spectacular cost. I might as well have been shipping diamonds. But what can do you do, it would cost more in the end to have them all shipped to me from, and besides a lot of them were secondhand books I wouldn't even have known to look for till I found them (the best kind!)

I got to hang out with the lovely folks from Walker, and also see sarahtales, titanic_days, malachan, aegeus, folk, olympia_m and the lovely vinagrette. Also I got to see my friend Clary, which was nice although I think my publisher thought I was slightly cracked when I told them I had to leave because I was spending the afternoon with her.

Me: And now I must go meet my friend Clary.
Them: But Clary is the name of your main character in your book.
Me: Yes, I know.
Them: She isn't real, you know.
Me: Yes, I know she isn't real. It's not like I buy my characters Christmas presents or anything. I just named her after a friend of mine, who *is* real, and is waiting for me at the London Eye.
Them: Are you sure you wouldn't maybe like to lie down and rest a bit instead?

After London, Josh and I headed to Wales. Why Wales? Well, partly because I wanted to buy lots of books in Hay-on-Wye, which is a small town that has the largest collection of used books in the entire world. (And I knew they'd have a lot of *old* books, and since my next project after this trilogy is tentatively a Victorian-era fantasy, I thought I should try to get my hand on as much research material as I could. Although I did promise Barry I wouldn't talk about my new series till I was at least mostly done with my current book. So.)

Also, Wales has a lot of beautiful countryside and since the book I'm working on right now, City of Glass, doesn't take place in New York but in fact mainly in a made-up country called Idris, I need photo references of the sort of scenery I'm imagining for Idris in my head. And Wales has a lot of varied terrain: green hills, barren stretches, seaside, and towering mountains. We were only in the Brecon Beacons this time but I took lots of pretty pictures which I am currently affixing to my Scrivener corkboard.

(As a side note, Holly talked me into getting Scrivener and I kind of love it. Has anyone else used it?)

So, in Wales, there were many pretty things to see, including:

an adorable bed and breakfast an adorable bed and breakfast
stark but lovely walking country stark but lovely walking country
desolate castles high on hills desolate castles high on hills
views of lovely patchworky countryside views of lovely patchworky countryside
and a gorogeous view from the b and b window and a gorogeous view from the b and b window

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