January 4th, 2012


YA Tournament of Heroines!

So Tessa is up against Katniss in the second to last round of the YA Heroine Tournament.

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Yeesh. What can I say? Katniss is an awesome heroine, and honestly, I'm proud Tessa has made it this far and is facing down a girl who wins tournaments to the death professionally. :D 

I will say this: there are all sorts of ways to be heroic, and just because Tessa works her mojo in a corset doesn't mean she's less of a badass. They're both badass girls. I think they would get along.

Katniss: I like your corset.

Tessa: And I am sure that your flaming jumpsuit is the very last word in fashion!

Katniss: Boy do I hate being in a love triangle.

Tessa: I can only most heartily agree.

And yet!

If Tessa wins this round, the last round of the Tournament will be Tessa vs. Clary. Which means that whoever wins that round, no matter what, you guys will get a brandnewsspeciallywrittenforyou scene. 

Something to think about. *winks*