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Clockwork Prince ARC Crafty Shadowhunter Contest Results Show

These contests are always extremely hard to judge, to thanks for the efforts of my fellow judges, Josh Lewis, Vania Stoyanova, Holly Black, and Theo Black. [I tried to get a group who knew music, knew videography, knew art, knew design, and just knew what they liked.] For those that didn't win, there will be another opportunity to win Clockwork Prince ARCs, which will be announced Monday.

In the end, I couldn't pick only one entry, so I begged another ARC off my publisher and picked three — they're very different and I hope show something of the spectrum of what was submitted!

*Winners, please email me at the address on my bio page and tell me where you want your prizes sent!*

First, Charlotte Markey's video. All the drawings are hers, and what she has created here is basically an animated trailer for Clockwork Angel. Every character is adorably captured. I especially love the frame of Henry and Charlotte, though my favorite is the last image.

Tying for first place, something completely different, by Katie-Kerry on Deviantart:

A Clockwork Angel Monolopoly game that you can actually play. Click the gallery link:

and you can see how much work went into this game!

And last, Chance Walsh worked on this for about two weeks, hauling Clockwork Angel around to different locations, inventing the sport of Angel-ing, and conquering his fear of snakes. Who says boys don't read?

Second place: I know I never mentioned a second place, but again, there were so many great entries I was beside myself. So second place winners will receive a Clockwork Angel pendant like Tessa's (or anything else they might choose from the Hebelmet jewelry store.)

Three second place winners:

1) Kara-Lija's watercolor portrait of Tessa, Will and Jem:

[Bigger version here: ]

2) Of especial interest to the Jem-fans, this adorable fancomic of this scene from Clockwork Prince by bananasea:

Go and hit the button on the right that says "weiter" to read the whole thing.)

3) And last, I absolutely love typographical art. So the second second place goes to [really the whole entry needs to be seen.:

Honorable mentions and general fun stuff.It was an amazing experience judging this contest. If your piece isn't posted here, please don't think it's because I didn't love it. I picked things I did love but I was also trying to show the spread of creativity. I have the best readers in the world, I've always said so! I hope you guys have had as much fun creating or just watching as I have.

There was hilarious cosplay:

[the rest of which can be found here:]

More beautiful art than you could shake a stick at, like Ahirubox's gorgeous picture of Tessa reading. (Look closely to see what she's reading - it's adorably done.)

An amazing reproduction of the characters and story in Lego form [the duck scene is surely not to be missed)

by: []

Beautifully made fan covers for Clockwork Princess, like this one from Martange (my favorite because of the light coming from Tessa's book]:

All sorts of videos, like this Clockwork fan cast video:

and a video analysis of Will's mental state by lechattnoir (diagnosis: he's crazy)

As well as music and songs composed for the occasion:

Adorable stunts where you hope everyone survived: [from ]

Infernal Devices cupcakes by The Verbose Vegetarian:

The entire book played out by Sims:

("We had to kill Thomas 3 times before we got this scene right, because Will kept fainting when he died!" Hmm, clearly there are things I don't understand about Sims)

There were plenty of drawings, videos and songs about Will and Tessa or Tessa and Jem, but just as many about Jem and Will and their dichotomous friendship, like this piece by Jen A.

It's lovely to see so much attention being paid to a different kind of relationship than a straight(forward) romance.

And lastly, just to share some other entries: a sculpture of Will made out of noodles , a unique portrait of Magnus , quotes from Clockwork Angel spelled out in M and Ms, and lastly a photorealistic portrait of Will and Tessa by JemimaBox.

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