Cassie Clare (cassandraclare) wrote,
Cassie Clare

Goodreads Giving Away 100 Clockwork Prince ARCs

So, for those of you who entered the CP ARC contest and didn't win, remember when I said there'd be another opportunity to win Advanced Reader Copies of Clockwork Prince and that I'd announce it Monday?

Well, Monday is upon is. And Goodreads is giving away 100 Clockwork Prince ARCs.

Now first I just have to say I didn't know about this contest when I started my contest! I found out about it about halfway through but I didn't want to stop the contest while people were in the middle of drawing, photo-ing, vidding, and so forth — and the contest here was open internationally which the Goodreads contest is not. And the contest was so much fun for both people who entered and people who were just watching and admiring! It was great to see the outpouring of love and creativity, so thank you for that.

I was quite surprised when S and S told me they were doing this giveaway with GR — there are such a limited quantity of ARCs, so aside from the ones set aside for sales accounts and specific reviewers, this is basically it. All the rest of the ARCs are up for grabs on Goodreads — all you need is a Goodreads account and to click "enter to win."


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