Cassie Clare (cassandraclare) wrote,
Cassie Clare

October teaser for Clockwork Prince

October Teaser for Clockwork Prince, for those who missed it when it was posted earlier on Tumblr (where I've moved most of my blogging) .Kindly illustrated for me by Charlotte Mattey, who said she could do it overnight, and did. :D


The voices were quite clearly those of the Lightwood brothers. Tessa recognized Gideon’s lower, rougher tones as he said, “There will be a moment of reckoning, Gabriel. You can depend upon it. What will matter is where we stand when it comes.”

Gabriel replied, his voice tense, “We will stand with Father, of course. Where else?”

“You don’t know everything about him, Gabriel. You don’t know all that he has done.”

There was a silence through which Tessa could almost hear Gabriel sulking. At last he said, “If you despise Father so much, why did you ever come back from Spain?”

Gideon replied, sounding exasperated, “I came back for you —”

Sophie and Tessa had been leaning against the door, ears pressed to the wood; at that moment, the door gave way, and swung open. Both straightened hastily, Tessa hoping that no evidence of their eavesdropping appeared on their faces.

Gabriel and Gideon were standing in a patch of light at the centre of the room, facing off against each other. Tessa noticed something she had not noticed before: Gabriel, despite being the younger brother, was lankily taller than Gideon by some inches. Gideon was more muscular, broader through the shoulders. He swept a hand through his sandy hair, nodding curtly to the girls as they appeared in the doorway. “Good day, Miss Collins, Miss Gray.”


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October 13 2011, 17:32:22 UTC 9 years ago

please can you update you're blog, this teaser has been on for a long, long, time.
The teasers are one a month. This one has been up for eight days.
Ms. Clare
Do you know if barnes and nobles or any other book selling place still carries clockwork angel with "magnus's vow"??
Everyplace still carries it. You need the paperback edition.


October 15 2011, 18:10:04 UTC 9 years ago

that was an amazing teaser!!!!!! thnxz!!

Deleted comment

I can't wait till December, I am so excited I might EXPLODE!!!
They are in gear.
ok this is a little bit off the subject of the teaser but is Alec descended from Will? they have the same hair and eyes, and Magnus pointed out that the Lightwoods had brown eyes and Alec didn't... so does that mean that Jace and Alec are actually related? Just a thought...


October 24 2011, 20:30:49 UTC 9 years ago

I read on tumblr that a major character is going to die before the end of COLS. As long as it isn't Simon, I will love you forever.
I <3 Simon!!!!
P.S. I don't want to rush you, but are we ever going to see an October COLS teaser?
I posted the October teaser maybe a week ago?
I love the teaser, I'm really curious about the Lightwoods.. I'm so excited for Clockwork Prince! I just pre-ordered it and City of Lost Souls... !! Gahhh so psyched.
I just saw a listing for a clockworks angel manga? is this true :O

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